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Version 7.0.76, Mar 9 2017
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Tomcat 7.0.76 (violetagg)
code Make it easier for sub-classes of Tomcat to modify the default web.xml settings by over-riding getDefaultWebXmlListener(). Patch provided by Aaron Anderson. (markt)
fix Reduce the contention in the default InstanceManager implementation when multiple threads are managing objects and need to reference the annotation cache. (markt)
code 60674: Remove final marker from CorsFilter to enable sub-classing. (markt)
fix 60683: Security manager failure causing NPEs when doing IO on some JVMs. (coty)
fix 60688: Update the internal fork of Apache Commons BCEL to r1782855 to add early access Java 9 support to the annotation scanning code. (markt)
fix 60718: Improve error handling for asynchronous processing and correct a number of cases where the requestDestroyed() event was not being fired and an entry wasn't being made in the access logs. (markt)
fix 60808: Ensure that the Map returned by ServletRequest.getParameterMap() is fully immutable. Based on a patch provided by woosan. (markt)
fix Ensure that executor thread pools used with connectors pre-start the configured minimum number of idle threads. (markt)
add 60594: Allow some invalid characters that were recently restricted to be processed in requests by using the system property tomcat.util.http.parser.HttpParser.requestTargetAllow. (csutherl)
add Make the accessTimeout configurable in ClusterSingleSignOn. The accessTimeout is used as a timeout period for PING in replication map. (kfujino)
fix 60806: To avoid ClassNotFoundException, make sure that the web application class loader is passed to ReplicatedContext. (kfujino)
fix 60617: Correctly create a CONNECT request when establishing a WebSocket connection via a proxy. Patch provided by Svetlin Zarev. (markt)
fix Ensure that NoRpcChannelReply messages are not received on RpcCallback. (kfujino)
fix When HTTP TRACE requests are disabled on the Connector, ensure that the HTTP OPTIONS response from custom the WebDAV servlet does not include TRACE in the returned Allow header. (markt)
fix 60722: Take account of the dispatchersUseEncodedPaths setting on the current Context when generating paths for dispatches triggered by AsyncContext.dispatch()